Naevi or moles are a lesion which occur anywhere on the skin. Some occur soon after birth and are referred to as a birthmark. New moles continue to develop up until adulthood.

If a mole is symmetrical with a regular pattern it is usually safe.  But unfortunately, moles have the potential to become malignant (cancerous).

If a mole is irregular i.e.: asymmetrical with irregular borders and numerous / different colours.  Generally a biopsy or mole mapping (FotoFinder) is required to assess or monitor the mole.

Who needs Mole Mapping?

Patients who present with the following:

  • A personal / family history of melanoma
  • Numerous irregular moles
  • A new or pre-existing mole that is changing in shape or colour

Mole Mapping refers to a photograph or computer images which monitors the evolution of a mole with serial photographs.  This process / procedure is done annually for most patients.